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A personal trainer with plan to lose 4 1/2 stone in 27 weeks in  2021.

By Ross Brown, Jan 3 2021 07:54PM

They say the camera never lies and neither do the scales for that matter.

I have published my photos and measurements from today.

The "before" photos are predictably awful and it hurts to see myself looking in such poor condition, but I know I can do better. It feels ggod to be taking action and I plan to emerge from the latest Covid lockdown feeling and looking much healthier.

I don't actually feel quite as unhealthy as I look, so I added some fully clothed, slightly more flattering photos.

Exercise wise I went for a long walk at the beach on day1; day 2 did not exercise and today I'm going to do an upper body reisisatance session with boxing.

I have been eating less, but require more structure to my consumption.

I will start to document and plan my eating and exercise in more detail in future posts, as I get more organised.

The main point at this stage is I have stopped the horrendous weight gain and started to get things going in the right direction.

Measurements today:

Weight: 20 stone 11lbs

% fat: 33.4%

Waist: 125cm

Hips: 118cm

Chest: 130cm

By Ross Brown, Dec 28 2020 05:55PM

Lose 1lb every 3 days for 27 weeks.

1st January 2021: 21 stone

22nd January 2021: 20 stone 7

12th February 2021: 20 stone

5th March 2021: 19 stone 7

26th March 2021: 19 stone

16th April 2021: 18 stone 7

7th May 2021: 18 stone

28th May 2021: 17 stone 7

18th June 2021: 17 stone

9th July 2021: 16 stone 7

Nutrition plan:

6 days a week eat a clean primarly vegan diet. 3 meals and 3 snack meals a day. Drink plenty water.

Meals will have a portion of carbs, portion of protein and portion of fibre.

Snack meals will have a portion carbs and portion of protein.

Have 1 cheat day a week.

Supplement with omega oils, multivitmain, zinc, vit D and probiotics every day.

Train 6 day a week. 3 cardio and 3 reisatance sessions. Resistance sessins will alternate 1 day body and other day legs and abs.

Stretch every day.

Active recovery, massage where possible and meditation.

By guest, Dec 24 2020 05:38PM

There will be plenty to come on my journey to lose 4 1/2 stone in 27 weeks in 2021.

You can see below what I achieved in 12 weeks in 2007: A loss of 2 stone.

Question is can I still do it 13 years later?

I guess we will find out.

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